Espresso Beverages

Flat white

Espresso with more velvety textured milk


Espresso marked with textured foam

Cafe con leche

Extracted with brown sugar topping

Salted caramel latte

Espresso poured over housemade caramel and textured milk topped with sea salt


Espresso served with one part textured milk and 1 part foam


Espresso pulled over hot water

Piccolo latte

Shot topped with textured milk

Espresso con panna

Expresso garnished with a dollop of housemade vanilla bean infused with whipped cream

Peruvian Mocha

Espresso with textured milk and noir peru chocolate

Vanilla latte

Espresso poured over housemade madagascar vanilla and textured milk, topped with foam

Honey latte

Latte with organic honey

Orange infused capuccino

Orange-infused textured milk with expresso and dusted with cacao

Creme brulee

Espresso and caramel served with one part textured milk and one part foam & creme brulee topping

Cafe latte

Espresso served with texture milk and topped foam

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